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SALE NB-6M Grow With Me Pants ** Whales

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SALE NB-6M  Grow With Me Pants ** Whales
SALE NB-6M  Grow With Me Pants ** Whales

Grow With Me Pants are designed to fit for a longer length of time on your wee ones.

The Grow With Me Pants have long cuffs and a tall waist band so baby will still fit these when they have outgrown other sizes. Unroll the cuffs as your baby grows.

The bum circle is on the back of the pants - this is to allow extra room for nappies and it looks super cute! The front view is the same but without the circle.

These are the smallest size and will fit from NB-6m approx.

These are made in super comfy cotton lycra. This fabric is lovely and stretchy, it has great recovery so when stretched it goes back to the original size.

These pants work well over cloth nappies, they are also great for wearing while in a baby carrier and the long cuffs can roll down so ankles aren't exposed to the cold.


If you see something in a different size, please ask - I can often make something just for you.


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