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About Us

Little Turtle is a Work At Home Mama (WAHM) business based in Omarama, New Zealand.

All Little Turtle products are lovingly handmade by a Mum with four children, so we know what's important when it comes to providing for your little ones and family!

At Little Turtle, we've spent countless hours researching merino, cotton and organic cotton fabrics from New Zealand and around the world. We're very happy to be able to offer the best quality fabrics to you, handmade into gorgeous baby, children's and now woman's clothes.

We're committed to offering the best quality products for your babies, friends and families, and so all our products are made with quality natural materials such as merino and cotton.

We also use some fabrics with Lycra content - like cotton lycra and merino lycra. Lycra (also names spandex and elastane) is a man made fibre which is chosen for stretch (it has great recovery, it goes back to the original shape after stretching), durability and comfort on waist bands and cuffs and reduces the need for elastic in the waistband.

We only make and sell products we would be happy to give to our own children or use ourselves - In fact, my children and hubby live in mum-made merinos in the cooler months.

We love all of our fabrics and handmade products and we're sure you will too!

Our Story and How We Came To Be ....

I was given a merino baby gown when my daughter was born and it was wonderful! The price was way too high for us to purchase another one, so I turned to TradeMe to see if I could buy merino fabric. I was a sewer and at the time I was making dolls clothes.

I made a couple of thermal tops and a wrap for my daughter and she lived in them, the fabric washed and wore so well. It didn’t pill and I just threw it in the wash with the rest of the clothes. It was perfect.

A friend from Playcentre saw my handy work and commented if I made some she would buy them for her children. So that's how its started ... I began making to sell, for my boys, then myself, and eventually, hubby too. 

My pattern sizes expanded to fit as my children got older. 

Now that all the children are off at school during the day I can concentrate on growing my business ..... Or so I thought .....

Ha Ha famous last words ....

In Dec 2014 we were (very) surprised to discover that we were getting a new addition to the family... It was a roller coaster of a pregnancy.

But guess what? ... he is absolutely adorable and we love him to bits :) It won't be long before he grows and I get back to sewing work full time but until then I'll sew when I can and enjoy his slobbery kisses and cuddles.