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Merino Sleeping Bag Liner ** NZ Made

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Merino Sleeping Bag Liner ** NZ Made
Merino Sleeping Bag Liner ** NZ Made
Merino Sleeping Bag Liner ** NZ Made
Merino Sleeping Bag Liner ** NZ Made

Merino Sleeping Bag Liner

These are awesome!! 


#1 You can wash them easily! You can't say that about a sleeping bag! 

Machine wash and line dry.

#2 Merino Wool layer adds warmth to your existing sleeping bag warmth rating.

#3 Merino wool is great for maintaining body temperature - its great in the summer or winter!

#4 You can use it by itself - less rustling and noise when moving - especially good in a hutt with others! Keeps you covered so (hopefully) less insect bites! 

#5 light weight enough to add to a pack, we stuff ours in with the sleeping bag (depends on your sleeping bag bag)

#6 Fab in the car for the kids, keep them warm and toasty especially on long car rides.


They are rectangle with NO tapering at the foot end. 

Child around 100 cm long and 80 cm around the body. 

Adult These are about 190-200cm long and 120 cm around the body. 

Older Child / Teen / Small Adult 160 cm long and 120cm around the body.


Stock depends on fabric availability. All are 100% merino. 

Black ones are  made with 220gsm Merino Rib. These weigh around 540g (+/- 10%) 

Striped ones are made with 210gsm Merino Rib. These weigh around 500g (+/- 10%) 

They are stretchy and super warm! 

These come in black, black or black - We've got a new colour!!  Grey and turquoise stripe and Navy and Blue Stripe


These are made to order (so allow a few days of sewing time) but I sometimes have them on hand ready to post.


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